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Learn how to join social networks with the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch takes only a month on sale, for this reason there are many doubts about how to use this new platform. Should be noted that Nintendo Switch, as well as allowing us to play and have a good fun time, also leaves us to access our social networks, so need to know how to use it and we’ll teach you how to do it.

Access to YouTube with Switch


To access YouTube, the first thing you should do is scroll down in system settings, then click social networking options and click on one of the links on Facebook to enter the account. When loading, only access a video on YouTube that is shortened. We only entered the thumbnail of the video, not in the link, because that would lead you to the home page of YouTube, which is not displayed.


  1. Go to the user and low settings to options in social networks.

  2. Link your user to Facebook, by clicking on the link.

  3. Instead of putting your username and password details, click on the Facebook icon to go to the page of conventional income.

  4. Enter to access.

  5. When you’re in your feed, find a video on YouTube.

  6. Don’t click on the link, only in miniature.

Access Facebook and Twitter on Switch


It’s simpler than it seems. To access Facebook or Twitter, you have to go to system settings and scroll down until you reach the publications of the social networks option, in that section, you will find Facebook and Twitter icons. After you click one of the icons, it will leave a pop-up page from a browser, this will take us to the sites of Facebook or Twitter to put our data. At that time you’ll be on the Internet from Switch, so only with the other elements of the screen, click apply, you will be all set.

Nintendo Switch, is very new, so surely at one time, they will create the official applications for social networks. By now it is good to know about these tips, since they allow you to access each one of them.

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