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Learn how to use the Amiibo in Zelda Breath Of The Wild


One of the advantages of Zelda Breath of the Wild, is the ability to use figures Amiibo order to obtain foreign objects, as well as simple things that can help you in the game. * There are different types of Amiibo that can be used for different purposes *. If you’re interested, we’ll teach you how to use these Amiibos in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Off Amiibo

Nintendo has decided to limit the use of the Amiibo players for some reason, but this decision has not been taken very much into account. Players who are constantly active, you will find how to use the Amiibo Zelda Wii U to the Switch.


The first thing you should do, is to load your saved game. Being inside, opens the inventory and slides sideways into the System Menu. Once while in the Menu, then select options and surprise, then choose the first option in the list, and this will allow you to activate the use of Amiibo.

The firm decided to disable the entry of figures Amiibo, She is still selling and advertising practically on all official websites that exist. The amazing thing is that we don’t let discover new things in Zelda Breath of the Wild, like hidden messages.

How to get rare items with the Amiibo

Having activated and scanned the Amiibo, the next step is very simple, just click on the Amiibo you want to activate, and this will be immediately shown the reward you are.

The figures Amiibo, they are the best way to get weapons, food, and even a horse, which is not common, but Epona, the amazing and legendary horse from Ocarina of Time.


Note that we must be careful when activating figures. We must ensure that they activate while in the water or on a cliff, since rewards are generated automatically in the place closest to Link. If you arrive at a place where you can not grasp them, it will lose all without taking any advantage of it. Remember that you can only use the figures once a day in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Now knowing how these figures are used you can get all the benefits and rewards that you facilitate, making the game a little more beneficial for you.

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