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Level 5 announces the launch of The Snack World

The edition of this year of the Conference of the company Level 5, Level 5 Vision, took place yesterday. This conference served as presentation for many new features of the Japanese company. One of them, The Snack World, which was already presented last year, has been shown with numerous details, as well as announced dates and launch platforms.

The creators of successful sagas as Inazuma Eleven showed his new project with new videos and gameplays. In one of them we can see what will be the series of 3D animation to be released together with an adaptation to the manga published in the CoroCoro magazine and a line of toys. Another video shows a gameplay of the game, where we can see part of its playability.

For the moment, The Snack World will in April 2017 to iOS and Android and in July 2017 to the portable console Nintendo. West not has received a date of launching concrete, by what is launch in a principle only in Japan.

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