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Mario Sports Superstars shows a new trailer reviewing different sports

Nintendo has shown a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, the new sports title starring the plumber and the other characters of the company. This video shows us, with different directly drawn from the gameplay sequences, a review of the different sports you can practice in the title

Mario Sports Superstars is a new title where you can up to five sports: soccer, tennis, golf, baseball and Equestrian. We can compete solo in a variety of tournaments for each sport to a player, or deal with other players using the local connection and online multiplayer modes. The title will have up to 18 characters to choose from, 16 of them will be available from the beginning, while the other two you can unlock by completing specific challenges and tournaments.

In addition the title will come accompanied in its launch of a new set of 90 cards amiibo Mario Sports Superstars, five of each character. These amiibo cards are available in packs of five units and that be used in the game to enhance the skills of the characters.

Mario Sports Superstars come March 10 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Then we leave the trailer.

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