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Mass Effect Andromeda, comparison between PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

As it has been happening the last few years, the comparisons between the more powerful platforms are something that are the order of the day, especially when we talk about titles with high graphic content such as Mass Effect Andromeda. The game is now in the hands of the press for its analysis and the guys at IGN have seen fit to make a video comparative between three versions: PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.

As you might expect, an PC at full capacity exceeds in visuals to PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, but the truth is that they have not too much to envy the platforms from Sony and Microsoft, because the game looks superbly in all of them. Since the video not been given information about the FPS, but as we can clearly see in the last scene, PC you will reach the 60s while the other two platforms seem to go to 30.

We leave the video below so you can judge yourselves of the different scenes that have been recorded by IGN. Mass Effect Andromeda reach of PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 23 March.

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