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Mass Effect Andromeda: filtered the micro transactions prices

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As already happened in Mass Effect 3, in this latest installment of the series developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts also will have micro transactions. Had already revealed this detail, but today we learned the prices which will have those present in Mass Effect Andromeda micropayments, after a leak.

The micro transactions will provide us with points in Exchange for cash, which can be exchanged within the game by boxes “surprise” with items that will help us move forward more quickly. According to the medium VG247, filtration comes from the price list of points at ShopTo web cards.

Prices of the micro transactions

Then you have the list of points with each card, as well as the price in euros for each one of these cards available. Prices range from nearly 5 euros to the bulky figure of almost 100 euros.

  • 500 points: 4.75 EUR

  • 1020 points: 9.75 euros

  • 2150 points: 19,26 euros

  • 3250 points: 29.99 euros

  • 5750 points: 47,99 EUR

  • 12,000 points: 95,99 euros

Nevertheless, it is unclear whether it will be possible to purchase boxes separately (assume that not), nor the number of boxes that we will receive if we make a payment of 4.75 euros and have 500 points within the game. On the other hand, the contents of the boxes will be weapons and armor, as well as objects to progress faster.

As we got used to comment in the f2p for mobile, the micro-transactions are completely optional and we do not need to use them to progress in the game, or get all the content that is available. In addition, Mass Effect Andromeda will have no season pass, or that there is no unique rewards beyond the bonus reserve.

We leave you with the minimum and recommended requirements, customization of weapons, free exploration as a key point of the game, and the information of the seven inhabitable planets to be increased the hype. Mass Effect Andromeda is getting closer.

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