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Mass Effect Andromeda: the advance access limits

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We know that Mass Effect Andromeda will be available from March 23, but users of PC or Xbox One that are subscribed to the Origin Access/EA Access program made with the game will enjoy early access BioWare title on March 16, with certain limitations, clear.

In order to be prepared for what awaits us in the latest BioWare – published by Electronic Arts – we told you what are the anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda access limits on March 16.

Limits of the test early of Mass Effect Andromeda

The first of those limits which has been BioWare of Mass Effect Andromeda advance access is a maximum of 10 hours, that we can manage the way you want. I.e., that has only while we move within the title, so we won’t have to play all hours of hit. Something logical, in any case.

To the limit of 10 hours of game there is to add a lock in the history, last certain point. When arrive to that moment of the history of Mass Effect Andromeda that BioWare has marked as limit, can continue playing if not have arrived to the maximum of hours, but only exploring the area or starting it split again.

Finally, you will only have access to a specific area in the advanced access to the game, although we do not know if it is a world in full – little likely – or a small portion of that initial world. It sounds that we will have to take the test calmly to taste the new title in the series until March 23.

To conclude, we have to add that there will be no test multiplayer before March 23. BioWare had a prepared test, but finally ended up cancel it, making an announcement in a corner of your blog. Even so, we recommend to check requirements minimum and recommended if you play in a PC to check that everything is ready.

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