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Mass Effect Andromeda: the reservation of different editions bonus

iniciativa andromeda mass effectThe date of release of Mass Effect Andromeda is increasingly more and more closely. In fact, now only we still have 10 days to have the game in our hands, with the option of going to it in advance starting on day 16 (albeit with restrictions).

The latest BioWare will reach our PCs or consoles desktop with 3 different, namely editions: Standard Edition, Deluxe and Super Deluxe Edition. Needless to say, that each Edition brings the game basis, but different additional content.

Here you are the bonus reserve that offers each edition Mass Effect Andromeda.

Reservation of Standard Edition bonus

  • Armor of deep space Explorer
  • Multiplayer upgrade package: includes 5 improvements of 50% PX.
  • Look for the Nomad: modification of appearance of the exclusive Nomad.

Bonus booking of Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions

  • Pioneer apparel
  • Armor of scavenger
  • Set of arms for pioneer elite: a package of 4 unique weapons.
  • Pet Pyjak
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Deluxe multiplayer launch package: pack with weapons and equipment to progress in this mode.

In addition, the Super Deluxe Edition includes packages of improvement in multiplayer. We will have weekly premium packages with objects to progress faster, at a rate of one package per week for 20 weeks. Important to note that the Deluxe Edition does not include the last bonus, the Super Deluxe only.

As for the prices, we have the Standard Edition for €59.95, the Deluxe £ 69.95, Edition and Edition Super Deluxe for € 89,95. They are quite varied, so we can only choose the Edition that best suits our budget and that hope game.

Of course, do not fail to look at the requirements minimum and recommended if you think playing on PC, as well as everything that is going to offer Mass Effect Andromeda. We have customization of weapons, free exploration as central pillar and seven inhabitable planets

Hype expressions.

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