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MediaTek and Nokia collaborate to enable the first wave of devices 5G

MediaTek and Nokia, two very well known names in the telephone industry have decided to combine their efforts. Thus, the two firms announced during the Mobile World Congress their cooperation plans to design the next generation of technology 5 G mobile communication systems. This partnership connects the wide customer base for MediaTek connected devices with Nokia network experience, to bring to the market an ecosystem ready to 5 G, for both network operators and end users.

Both companies are contributing actively for Standardization 5G in line with 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project). The joint effort will develop a pre-commercial platform that meets standards for communication technology 5 G New Radio, beginning in 2018. The ultimate goal is to implement a net ready for 5G of Nokia in combination with a system on chip (SoC for System-on-Chip) 5G by MediaTek to bring new devices to market more quickly and make way for the next wave of mobile innovation that will be possible thanks to 5 G.

“The advance of 5G requires strategic collaboration to join the connected devices of the future with a network equipped to deliver the full potential of 5G,” said Kevin Jou, Chief Technology Officer of MediaTek. “Working with Nokia, we are offering mobile operators solutions end to end they need to accelerate the adoption of 5 G and ensure a consistent and fully functional experience between devices and the network”.

Nokia and MediaTek will work to ensure that all aspects of the network and the chipset inside the devices are closely integrated to deliver the promise of 5 G in all its glory to consumers and industry. MediaTek chipset will be optimized around the modem, from the radio, processing of data and applications such as multimedia, which can benefit from the performance of 5 G.

“Our concerted effort towards 5G, the next frontier in terms of communications technology, is the latest example of close cooperation we have established with MediaTek for years,” said Harold Graham, Director of the business line 5 G in Nokia. “In conjunction with MediaTek, we will be quicker to connect to people and things with the next wave of wireless technology.”

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