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MediaTek Announces Pump Express 3.0 for Smartphone battery

Smart phones are increasingly more demands for battery applications and users. In order to help the users to have faster refills and stay connected to the world, MediaTek announced Pump Express 3.0, your battery faster so far charging solution.

MediaTek, pioneer company in semiconductors and a market leader in advanced systems on chip (SoC), developed Pump Express 3.0 to charge the battery of a smartphone from 0 to 70% in just 20 minutes. Almost twice as fast as the competing solutions that are currently on the market and five times faster that the conventional load. Pump Express 3.0 users can charge your battery for 5 minutes and talk for four hours.

The challenge of engineering in the world of smart phones today is to satisfy user demand for powerful multimedia features without the need to connect their phones throughout the day. Our technology allows you to consumer load fast for staying connected, on the fly and using their favorite applications either for work or pleasure instead of being tied to a wall outlet.

Pump Express 3.0 is the first solution in the world that allows direct loading through Type-C USB power delivery. Direct freight diverted cargo within the telephone circuit and prevents a overheat the cell while in route the electrical power from the adapter directly to the battery.

Pump Express 3.0 is a ultra safe solution with bi-directional communication and more than 20 on-board systems of safety and security, including the prevention that the device or the charger overheated. MediaTek uses its own technology of SoC with os advances technological Richtek, a company that MediaTek recently acquired, to control the problems of global warming and fast load devices.

Pump Express 3.0 is another example of how MediaTek provides the best experience for developers of devices and users. We are still leading to limit what technology can do without complicating the final user.

The previous solution of MediaTek, Pump Express 2.0, fast loading is used by brands including Sony, Lenovo, Gionee and Meizu. Fundamental Pump Express 3.0 improvements include faster loading speeds, greater efficiency of load and lower the device to load temperatures. With direct load, MediaTek was able to reduce the dissipation of energy by more than 50% with respect to Pump Express 2.0.

MediaTek Pump Express 3.0 technology available in MediaTek helium P20 series with devices that will enter the market at the end of 2016. It will also be available on future chipsets of smartphones and can be added to the SoC of MediaTek to customers request.

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