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MediaTek presents helium X 30, thought to boost Premium experiences

A few days ago we told you about in Game It’s MediaTek helium P25, a processor designed for smartphones with dual camera. As well, on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress held these days in Barcelona, the Asian firm has unveiled a new mobile processor, the helium X 30.

This processor is presented as the most powerful member of the family helium, and is already entering mass production. Thus, you can see it on different devices in the second quarter of this year.

MediaTek helium 30 X combines Tri-Cluster architecture of 10 cores in its first chipset of 10nm – the most advanced on the market manufacturing technology – in order to provide a savings of over 50% and a performance increase of 35% compared to the previous generation MediaTek chipsets. This increase in efficiency vital importance when it comes from a mobile device.

“We’re asking our smart phones to do more things than ever before. MediaTek designed smart chipsets that deliver exactly what the user and device require and at the moment they need it,”said Jeffrey Ju, Executive Vice President and Co-COO of MediaTek. “MediaTek helium 30 X fuses a processing, manufacture and connectivity for avant-garde architecture to provide a unique mobile experience.” These powerful chipsets are another example of our vision to give life to Premium mobile experiences”.

The full design and chipset architecture include:

  • 10nm and 10 cores architecture Tri-Cluster, created for extreme performance: two ARM Cortex-A73 2.5 GHz, four ARM Cortex-A53 2.2 GHz and four ARM Cortex-A35 1.9 GHz.
  • Modem LTE WorldMode Cat.10 which satisfies the need of the user in terms of speed of connection, with three descending links Carrier-Aggregation (3CA) and two uplinks Carrier-Aggregation (2CA) support for high-volume streaming content.
  • Imagination PowerVR Series7XT Plus of 800 MHz, a GPU made to size for helium X 30 mediatek. Offers 60% energy saving while increasing up to 2.4 times the performance in comparison with its previous platform.
  • Features built-in multimedia that provide experiences of another level. It is the first mobile SoC of the industry which enables to provide energy efficiency based on hardware decoding of video4K2K 10-bit HDR10 for smartphones. The zoom camera offers optical zoom 2 x in a super slim size.

Sostenid processing power a

Incorporating the latest technology CorePilot 4.0 and Tri-Cluster, MediaTek helium architecture 30 X offers a wide variety of resources configuration and intelligently directs the optimal amount of power where and when you need through multiple processing cores.

CorePilot 4.0 incorporates a intelligent system of programming tasks, thermal management and a system of monitoring user experience. This combination can predict an individual energy use in device stage, and prioritize which application is the most important at this time to control power consumption. This results in a longer battery life and a more solid performance, which take full advantage of the architecture of 10 helium nuclei X 30.  

A powerful Multimedia

MediaTek helium X 30 has a great multimedia power that supports the main commercial Virtual reality SKDs. MediaTek helium 30 X also incorporates a dual 14-bit 16 + 16MP camera and provides advanced functionality such as the combination of lenses wide angle + zoom for effects of depth of field in real time, a fast automatic exposure and reduction of noise in real time for low light conditions.

Smartphones powered by MediaTek helium 30 X enjoy crisp images with long zoom thanks to proprietary technology ClearZoom and Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) technologies. ClearZoom ensures fidelity in the signal, while TNR retains the details of images and video temporal noise.

Helium 30 X also has integrated a new Vision Processing Unit (VPU) in conjunction with the MediaTek Imagiq 2.0 image signal processor technology. The combination provides a processing platform dedicated to multiple functions of the camera, which frees the CPU and the GPU, and also allows them to save energy. Something very important is that provides programming and flexibility for phone manufacturers to customize the features of your camera.

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