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MeiQ Labyrinth of Death. Analysis Playstation Vita

Idea Factory boys continue to be a reference in the market of video games Asian Court thanks to the great work done with sagas like Neptunia or titles like Trillion God of Destruction. Today we analyze a new title developed by Compile Heart, speak of MeiQ Labyrinth of Death.

A long history

Within the world of MeiQ Labyrinth of Death them star are them responsible of generate the movement in them planets and of keep so the life underway, but as already happened makes many years, these have disappeared and to solve this situation them magicians of all the world is meet waiting for be them elected to save the world.

All this history is us tells, as is usual in them titles of Idea Factory, through long sequences of texts during which will see to the characters involved in the conversation of Fund with small animations. The narration can be something heavy already that simply the introduction can take us over twenty minutes reading before controlling any character.

On the other hand have to comment that the story, but doesn’t lack in originality, needs more work since we have had the feeling that some of the characters and the situations seem to be included in the script to force which allows not to remember this as a great story.

MeiQ Labyrinth of Death

A time started to play our work will be investigate them different dungeons to which will have access to do us with different objects that we will allow carry to out our mission of save the world. During the road we find different puzzles, addition to need very good orientation to not lose us in them mazes that are them dungeons. This us will force to follow our objective without be able to divert us too due to the lack of freedom in our movements.

What if difference to MeiQ Labyrinth of Death of other titles of Dungeon exploration is that dungeons are “evolving” with the progress of the game we will have to return to dungeons that we have already overcome to find new areas and to deal with most powerful chiefs.

For its part the part of combat is quite simple with a set by turns and attacks based on five elements (water, fire, Earth, plant and air) that if we manage to dominate there will be no enemy, by powerful is, which is able to defeat us.

In conclusion, are before a decent amount of content that can complete in ones nothing despicable twenty hours e even more if want to scrutinize each corner of the dungeons.

Walking at right angles

As mentioned before, one of the things missing in MeiQ Labyrinth of Death is somewhat more freedom and this means also to the management of our character since while we study the dungeons we move with analog arrows of the console and the only options we will be walking forward or turn 90 ° left or right. This generates a feeling of stiffness something uncomfortable during our games.

MeiQ Labyrinth of Death

As for the system of fighting there is to say that in the same way that investigated scenarios is an example of simplicity, the battles will not be too difficult to understand due to its system by shifts and the elements that will more or less damage to our enemies depending on the kind of attack that we launch.

Finally, if some believe that could be improved in the fighting is the slow pace due to multiple animations which, in the end, we have been forced to jump with the option “faster” to make each match not eternal.

A great art, but too much static

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the analysis, the narration of the story unfolds through long dialogues between the characters, entirely in English. While these conversations happen we can see on screen the characters that are part of the scene of statically with small facial animations that try to show their feelings.

MeiQ Labyrinth of Death

On the other hand, it should recognize the animations and art in the battles are very worked and though as we have said before you can see it in every battle can be repetitive, it is worth stopping to enjoy all this at least on the first occasions that we see it.

For its part the sound aspect of the game takes a step forward with respect to other titles by Idea Factory and has an audio more work than is present during the entire duration of MeiQ Labyrinth of Death.

Conclusions of MeiQ Labyrinth of Death

This title of Idea Factory, and Compile Heart we are a good idea can provide us a handful of hours of fun but failing in its execution. He made of having care more them aspects technical of the game would have could convert to MeiQ Labyrinth of Death of a title entertaining to a reference in the gender of the RPG of exploration of dungeons.

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