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Melanie. The Girl with All the Gifts. Critical

With Melanie. The Girl With All the Gifts comes to an end the cycle of the Sitges Tour that during the last 2 months has brought us A countercurrent Films a compilation of 5 of the best films that have passed through the latest edition of the festival and which has been covered jointly with me by my teammates in Game It, Manuel and Luis as we have already mentioned in previous reviews.

And translating into Spanish the title of the film, “the girl with all dones it”, the culmination of the sample is produced at the top, as there are many gifts that hides this British film of zombie-themed Colm McCarthy , adapting a novel by Mike Carey, also author of the script of the film.

McCarthy ran the risk of follow them same paths already beaten of the gender of survival zombie, losing by the road the interest of the Viewer already shower in the thematic apocalyptic by the multiple samples that each year is presented of the same. However, hardened by the experience that gives you to have directed episodes of some of the most important series of the English landscape (Doctor Who, Sherlock or Peaky Blinders are included among his filmography), decides to give a plot twist to the premise of viral infection from other films, giving a biological approach in which the zombie epidemic arises from a few fungi masking the disease.

Melanie. The Girl with All the Gifts

Starting from this point, that it relates with it very lower, to my point of view, the incident (The Happening) of M.Night Shyamalan, it history opens new possibilities in the thematic of them eats brains at the time of explain the lethargy or not activity of them same, his appetite insatiable or alterations evolutionary in the behavior of the virus that not desvelaré for not subtract you force to the film in its first viewing.

Returning to the metaphor of the title, another of the gifts of the film, is that it turns the concept of claustrophobic survival of other films zombies such as dawn of the dead (2004) and Rec (2007) to embark on the road in this desire for survival and match it with other titles postapocalyptic as The Road (2009) or children of men (2006). While saw Melanie, not could let of see references to the classic modern of Alfonso Cuaron, in this the character of Clive Owen it was all by Save to the last woman pregnant of the land. In the same way it happens in Melanie. The Girl with All the Gifts and in the effort protective that puts the character of Gemma Arterton on the protagonist of the title, giving to both films a nexus of union in its relationship between and the concept of saving women.

And aside from the excellent work of interpretation of Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) and the almost debutant Sennia Nanua in the role of Melanie, notably the work of other two major film roles played by Glenn Close (fatal attraction), as a scientist in search of the cure for the disease, which is returning to show the great actress who is with a terrific choice of roles in recent years. And a no less efficient Paddy Considine (in America), as a bitter soldier who doesn’t believe in the salvation of the human species.

Melanie. The Girl with All the Gifts

On these four pillars of interpretive and many open spaces Melanie. The Girl with All the Gifts stands victorious when it comes to dignify the interpretation in fantastic works. Pity that an evolution of them characters too predictable and an elongated duration that is goes to them more than two hours, to the end it converted in a discreet product that not you allow reach the dimensions of excellence that showed the gender in 28 days after (2002). The history film which shares this interest by narrating an apocalyptic story from open landscapes, but from a cloistered a few main characters perspective, showing that Danny Boyle film has been one of the main creative team in bringing to fruition.

Conclusion Melanie. The Girl with All the Gifts

Film for fans of the genre, reaches levels of excellence in the first third of footage however, collapsing in the development of the central part of the film while addressing your initial approaches closer to the fantasy genre to the classic horror. Focusing on enforcement by its script, with a more human approach to history, to return to his home in a climax that appears somewhat dispersed.

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