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Mirage Arcane Warfare reveals to his new class, the Tinker

Torn Banner Studios has unveiled a new class for Mirage Arcane Warfare, its new multiplayer fighting and action title. This new class is the Tinker, and to celebrate the announcement they have shown a new trailer where we can see the different skills and the gameplay with it.

The Tinker, a cunning rogue with a wit as sharp as his sword, used their tiny size, speed and cunning to control battlefield with trap spells while keeping alert to their enemies. This class combines intrepid attacks melee with deadly magical abilities:

  • Hook Shot: shoots a hook that is closer to the enemy to the player
  • Stasis: shoots a projectile that lifts the enemy in the air and briefly away you from the fight
  • Proximity Mine: placed a mine that explodes when the enemies away
  • Obelisk: invokes an obelisk as a defensive structure to then exploit it to your will
  • Dervish: performs a quick evasive leap followed by a stab with a powerful onslaught
  • Kickflip: a quick kick that creates a long distance between the player and his target

Mirage Arcane Warfare is a game multiplayer action, Chivalry style: Medieval Warfare, where we can put an end to our enemies using different spells and combat melee. The title will feature a graphic based on the art and architecture of Persian and Arabic. On March 27 begins its closed beta phase, and reserving the title will have guaranteed access.

Mirage Arcane Warfare will be available on PC through Steam, this year 2017. Then we leave his trailer on the Tinker.

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