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Never say your name (Bye Bye Man), released in cinemas on May 5

Director Stacy Title (“the Devil Wears black”) unleashes the potential horror that lives in our subconscious with never say your name (Bye Bye Man), terror tape produced by Trevor Macy (“Strangers”, “Oculus: the mirror of evil”), Jeffrey Soros (“the exception to the rule”), and Simon Horsman, with a screenplay by Jonathan Penner, based on the short story “The Bridge to Body Island”.

People commit unimaginable acts. Again and again, we try to understand what leads them to carry out such atrocities. But the question is not “what”, if not “who”. When three college students move to an old House off-campus, unintentionally released “Bye Bye Man”, a supernatural entity that seeks to see its name. They will try to keep its existence secret away to the rest of a certain death.

The film is starring Douglas Smith (“Ouija”, “Big Love”), Lucien Laviscount (“Honeytrap”, “Scream Queens”) and Cressida Bonas (“Doctor Throne”, “Tulip Fever”) in his film debut alongside Michael Trucco (“Battlestar Galactica”, “How I met your mother”), and the icon of horror cinema Doug Jones (“the Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Hellboy”) on the skin of Bye Bye Man.

Along with them, the stars Carrie-Anne Moss (“The Matrix”, “Memento”) and Faye Dunaway (“Bonnie and Clyde”, “Chinatown”), Jenna Kanell (“Vampire Chronicles”), Erica Tremblay and Cleo King.¬†Never say your name (Bye Bye Man) will reach cinemas on May 5.

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