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New 2DS XL Nintendo portable new

Nintendo has clearly announced that it does not want to leave the world of portable consoles and confirms it to us the fact that a few hours ago has launched the announcement of the new portable for large N, the New XL 2DS.

It foresees that the new portable will land in summer, will specifically make it el July 28 (at least in the United States), the same day as Hey Pikmin and Miitopia, and will do so with a recommended retail price of $ 150.

Basically This is a 3DS XL but without the effects of three dimensions, as it has even become folding, as opposed to the original 2DS. It also includes a c-stick, docking amiibo, Z buttons and compatibility with all games of New 3DS XL.

Nintendo New 2DS Top10Games (1)

Although the model presented in the video that we leave then is an attractive combination between black and blue, Nintendo has also announced another (for now) for Japan that mixes white with gold accents.

Nintendo New 2DS Top10Games (2)

Without further ADO here you have the announcement of New Nintendo XL 2DS in some additional images and video so you can see the new console’s great N in all its glory.

Nintendo New 2DS Top10Games (3)

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