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Nier Automat exceeds one million units sold

Square Enix has announced that NieR Automat has managed to sell more than one million digital and physical copies in total worldwide. Since its launch last March on PlayStation 4 and PC, the title has been a success for the criticism around the world by perfectly combining fast-paced fighting at 60 fps with a fascinating history. Director Yoko Taro, through social networks, has expressed his gratitude for all the support that is counting the title.

NieR Automat is an action title with combat in third person and post-apocalyptic setting. We will get into the skin of the 2B, 9S and A2 androids in your battle to regain the world abandoned by mankind, and now run by machines. Equipped with a sword for short distances, 2B also can attack from a distance thanks to Pod system. In addition to the typical action of the title of Platinum Games title will have some role playing elements such as upgradeable weapons, different camps of resistance where we can buy and sell items or different secondary missions.

Nier Automat is now available both on PC, PlayStation 4 via Steam. Then we leave the trailer.

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