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Nintendo announces the launch of New Nintendo XL 2DS

Nintendo has announced the launch of New Nintendo XL 2DS, a new option for the Nintendo 3DS family that sits between the consoles Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. To celebrate the announcement the company has shown a trailer with more detailed information about this new portable console.

New Nintendo XL you will be folding style 3DS 2DS and will be available in the combinations black/turquoise and white/orange. There will be a screen of the same size as New Nintendo 3DS XL, but not allow you to use the 3D option. Despite being lighter than New Nintendo 3DS XL will have the same power, as well as come with NFC integrated to use cards and figures amiibo. It is compatible with the wide library of games of New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS.

Moreover, despite the launch of Nintendo Switch, the catalogue of the Nintendo 3DS family continues to grow, and three new titles are will arrive the same day of the launch of the console:

  • Hey! Pikmin: Renovated in this style Pikmin, where we will be guided to the captain Olimar by 2D side-scrolling levels and shoots of lustronio they collect to supply his rugged ship, Dolphin II, and flee the planet.
  • Miitopia: Form team with your Mii and the Mii of your friends to explore the custom world of Miitopia. Assigns different roles to characters Mii and enjoy watching them engage in fun scenes while they work together to defeat the Dark Lord who has stolen the faces of the inhabitants of Miitopia.
  • Brain hell Training from Dr. Kawashima: are you able to maintain concentration? Third installment of the series that seeks to train the brains of players with a series of exercises focused on the concentration.

New Nintendo XL 2DS will be available July 28. Then we leave his trailer for presentation.

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