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Nintendo Switch could have a big problem with the Joy-with

To a few days of its release, some youtubers and reviewers are finding problems with the Joy-with their Nintendo Switch.

The “d-day” for the new hardware from the famous Japanese company could become a real headache for vendors and users. Apparently, there is a design problem that prevents that the Joy-with signal will reach the console correctly when we play at a medium distance (from a sofa, for example) and under certain specific conditions.

According to where and how it put our hand in the Joy-with (and more if we put two hands on it, locking it) can suffer a serious problem: the interruption of the input that is sent with the commands to the console. This would make that, during short intervals, one direction is “stuck”. The typical case in which the character keep walking forward when, in reality, we are asking them to return. This video tutorial from GameXplain is very clear and illustrative:

As you have seen, the fault lies in both commands. Especially on the left. And when he placed them behind his back, the interruption of signal is almost total.

It remains to be seen how it ends this. The question is to find out if it’s an isolated fact (a defective consignment) or if Nintendo forces to collect thousands of Joy-with world-wide.

If you are going to buy a Nintendo Switch this Friday, be very attentive to how they behave your controls.

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