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Nintendo Switch is the best launch of a console in Spain

According to the independent consultant GfK confirmed that Nintendo Switch is the best launch of a console in Spain, in its first week on sale. The hybrid console between desktop and laptop that it was launched on 3 March, because it has managed to sell a total of 44.673 units in its first weekend in Spain, according to sales data provided by Nintendo Ibérica.

Also, the heroic deeds carried out by Nintendo Switch is accompanied, closely, by the release of the latest installment of the series The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which has also conquered a large part of the Spanish players adding 39.566 units sold in its first week in stores. Units which amounted to 51.382 units if we take into account the copies sold for Nintendo Wii U.

From GfK claim that it is the best release of a video game in physical format in its first week on sale in so far this year, rather than not strange if you consider the unanimous view of the international criticism, which defines it as a new masterpiece with a score of 98 in Metacritic.

As you can see, Nintendo has managed to sell lots of copies of its two products star demonstrating, in this way, the success and the amount of movement that can generate, despite the harsh criticism, with their consoles and video games.

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