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Nintendo Switch shows your eShop in a new video

Within days of its release officialNintendo has shown a new video of its next console Nintendo Switch. In these video Kyoto company shows us two new features of the interface of the console, the news and the eShop.

Nintendo Switch is the new Nintendo console, a hybrid between desktop and portable. We can connect our console TV, allowing us to play with friends and family from the comfort of home sofa. But just check out the Nintendo Switch from its base, it will automatically switch to notebook mode and gaming experience that you enjoyed at home will accompany you there where you go. The portability of Nintendo Switch highlights even more with its high definition screen in its 6.2-inch screen.

It will also have two known as Joy-with removable Control Panel, to be placed on each side of the console Nintendo Switch. It is possible to play with a Joy-with every hand or do it with both embedded in the support. They can also share with friends to enjoy games that offer modes for two players. Every Joy-with doubles as an independent with a full set of buttons and features its own accelerometer and gyroscope, which enables the control by moving independently on the left and right.

Nintendo Switch will come next March 3 at a price of 329,95 EUR. Then we leave their video on the news and the eShop.

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