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No Man completo Sky announces its booking incentives in GAME

After the slight delay he suffered a few weeks ago exclusive space exploration title’s Playstation 4 No Man completo Sky is already very near its final release. Taking advantage of this GAME guys have announced gifts that will receive all those who book or have already booked the game in the store chain.

For every booking will receive two gifts, the first of them will be a t-shirt of the game so that everyone knows that we play and on the other hand will have the metal not Man completo sky box. Remember all of this just for you book this title in the GAME store chain.

In addition to announcing these gifts also has confirmed that since same can you book housing official game for Playstation 4, which like previous gifts only available in GAME. Here you have a photo so you can see all the items that we are talking about:

No Man's Sky

Remember that you just need to wait until the next August 10 to fly and explore the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 million of planets, without exaggerating the slightest, that we can find in the huge universe that offers us No Man completo Sky exclusively on the Sony Playstation 4 console.

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