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No Man’s Sky: how get elements precious


At some point on not Man completo Sky, increasingly need more complex materials get or expensive to buy for craftear objects to further improve our ship, exotraje and multitool. If we want to continue we must get them, but, where Devils are?

The thing is easier than it seems. Although is very complicated find them by there, sometimes even is very difficult give with them in them posts of trade of them stations space, there is a method that not failure to find those elements precious that need to continue our adventure space.

How to get precious elements not Man completo sky


The method consists in search ships abandoned and dismantling their parts to get these elements precious. For this, it first that must do is find a beacon that us shows points of interest in the planet. It is not the first that we unlock arriving for the first time to a planet, it’s another type of mark.

There are several in each plans to, and is the difference because emit a ray of color orange toward up. If them put a circuit of derivation, the “pirateamos” and us give the option of mosntrarnos a point of interest not very far in the planet in which are. If you give to transmission, we will take to a tower of transmission; There we resolemos a puzzle and you will mark us the signal of a crashed ship.

These ships are best that which we carry. As works not Man’s Sky, will have one or two holes more than the our. Whenever we find something new, improves a little what carry. In fact we can devote ourselves to search ships to get the 48 spaces, but can also remove the improvements that have installed to get the precious elements. Is one of those methods more effective that there is to do it, since are very rare of find and very expensive of buy.

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And you that you think? Stop by No Man completo Sky: how to get beautiful elements to leave your footprint.

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