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NZXT presents its new tower PC: Noctis 450 RoG

NZXT announces today the Noctis 450 RoG, a box Edition special directed to the players of PC. This Middle Tower ATX is certified by RoG, shows a finished exclusive Gun Gray and includes the technology of lighting RGB Aura Sync.

Features main of Noctis 450 RoG

  • The certification RoG ensures compatibility and quality premium
  • The Aura Sync allows synchronization of simple lighting effects to sophisticated through the base plates with Aura. With this is manages the LED of on of the box, the lighting under the surface, the compartment for the PSU and 2 strips internal LED
  • Finish exclusive Gun Gray

Republic of Gamers (ROG)

The result of the rigorous testing of the RoG certification means quality and compatibility beyonddoubt. The Noctis 450 RoG is compatible with Aura Sync to allow effects synchronized of lighting, with not less than 9 modes different, to the connect the box with plates base certified Aura through a connector dedicated. Of this mode, is light two strips LED internal, the LED of on of the box, the lighting under the surface and the compartment for the PSU. For plates base that not are certified for Aura, is includes an adapter of 4 pins, allowing with this turn on all the LEDs red internal and external.

Stunning design inside and out

With its curved elegant and a design sophisticated, the Noctis 450 beautifies any mounting of PC gamer. It’s a chassis designed to hold all the hardware a PC enthusiast gamer may need, including support for multiple graphics cards and SSD drives. Cooling prepared for long battles the surface of ventilation massive of the Noctis 450 RoG, with a front with filter full, entries of air for the PSU and four fans incorporated, allows the cooling total that demand many systems of game. Them panels front and upper include points of Assembly for radiators of up to 360 mm, prepared for configurations of press and pull, and supports them latest cooling liquid all-in-one Kraken.

Management of the wiring without effort

With 80% more space for wiring to other boxes half Tower within their competence, the Noctis 450 RoG ensures a mount without discomfort, allowing users to become experts in organizing the wiring so elegant, and transforming this Assembly of PC World in an easy and enjoyable experience for anyone.

Noise control

A PWM integrated 8-port hub makes PWM signals the motherboard voltage regulation for the fans of the Noctis 450 RoG, keeping the system cool and quiet in a low charge.

The NZXT Noctis 450 RoG will be available from the beginning of February in North America and the mid of the month in Europe at a recommended price of $179.99 / €179,90.

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