Friday , February 23 2018
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Offer of 14 games to Steam for just €0.97

Now is the pack of packs, the King of all Kings: the bundle in the bundles!. And it is that Steam have put a bundle containing more bundles to the sum of games amounts to 14 for just €0.97.

We have a pack of games that might be called as indies of various different genres. The pack includes 4 bundles with 14 games of the following genres: action, adventure, Casual, Indie, racing, RPG, simulators, sports and strategy. The games have a total of 42 cards that we can get to the Steam platform.

We can say that games are the most gifted with positive comments, and there are all kinds. If we acquiring individual packs separately would be more expensive, so this is a great offer. Also if you have any of the games in the pack, is us it will deduct the price of the games that we already possess.

You can buy this great bundle directly from the Steam store.

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