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Old school titles: God of War

In this episode of the old-school titles we will remember one of the most humorados characters in video games, his name is Kratos and not hesitate to destroy some gods on their way. This is God of War.

Facing the upcoming release of the series for PlayStation 4, and to remind one of the most famous sagas of recent years, what better way to make a tour of the main story of Kratos.

God of War

Today is one of the most recognized sagas of Sony and of course in the world of video games, was created by SCE Santa Monica Studio and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first title was released in 2005 on the playstation 2 console exclusive, this saga is based on the adventures of a dummy demigod of Greek origin, named Kratos, who is facing various characters from Greek mythology, both heroes to name a few (Heracles, Theseus, Perseus, etc.), up to gods and mythological species will face in this great saga as Ares , Poseidon, Zeus, among others, will also have a large share of the Titans such as Gaia and Cronos. Although the Spartan Warrior usually enmity with most of the gods, it receives support from many of them, especially of Athena.

During the first adventure story begins when Kratos, choose suicide to feel that the gods had abandoned him, but the gods had a destination better for warrior. Prior to this, had occurred other events, beginning with one of the works that the gods had given to Kratos. That job was to kill the hydras since they represented a problem for the gods, once finished the work, on the way back to Athens, Kratos requested an audience with the goddess Athena, since he was the protégé of the goddess. At that hearing the hero faulted the goddess about when it might end with its torture, she said that until that happened he would have to kill Ares the God of war, since Zeus had decreed that the gods could not fight with each other and Kratos was the only mortal that could face the God and a chance. Once Kratos landed in Athens she ran to meet the Oracle.

Once in the Temple of the Oracle, the Oracle article about of warrior past and about the reason for the gods send a warrior with such past, she told him that his power was very less compared to the Ares and should obtain the power of the Pandora’s box that was in the Temple of Pandora located on the back of the titan Cronos fallen. Oracle opened the doors to the desert where he was the titan.

God of War


The game is presented in a perspective of 3rd person, with an innovative system of attack that relies on two swords (Blades of Chaos) that Kratos throws his hands, but are arrested by chains that connect them to the Spartan. In addition, in each edition of the game are different and new magical powers delivered by different gods or Titans, which tend to be five or six. God of War changed the formula of the Hack and Slash as time Devil May Cry did, combos that you can perform with the swords of chaos are another important factor, by pressing a series of buttons in a particular sequence, Kratos performs most spectacular attacks harmful against their enemies.

The amount of combos expanded much since the first God of War until Ascension. Actually the gameplay has been changed from the first title, the Quick Time Events (QTE) while it was pioneer of them, in my opinion, is the best executions in video games, seeing the brutality with which Kratos takes his fury against the enemies in first level is something that always be grateful of this great saga. In advance of the franchise, remove the buttons on the screen and place it to one side in the recent titles was a success which improved this previously mentioned angle.

God of War


The title music is one of the most recognized of the last decade, has a strength which goes with the character main saga, worthy of any Hollywood blockbuster. With this all said you can be, but it is that we can not leave him so. Melodies of epic Court, lots of percussion, choirs to the style of Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom, sense of grandiosity, gentle rhythms and even almost say that with touches of Prince of Persia combined with other totally thundering to the moments of the battles. Intense may be the best word that describes this soundtrack.


God of War is one of the best sagas and most recognized PlayStation, from its innovative gameplay to your level of detail in animations. A couple of years ago we had a remastered version for PS3 and later for PSvita improving the visual aspect as the framerate. It is a great compilation that includes God of War 2 also, if you did not have the opportunity to enjoy it on PS2 is good time to try it for PS3.

The latest installment, did not seem to be at the height of the others, but worth playing it. Regarding the next installment looks quite promising with a new camera and new mechanical angle. You can’t wait more to put their hands up.

God of War

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