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Origami Shotgun presents Lofso Koutaro completo Course

Independent study Origami Shotgun presents his first Lofso Koutaro completo Course title, a game in 8-bit platforms in the purest style Game Boy and which has started its campaign in Steam Greenlight does well enough, by what you leave your profile to vote this promising and wonderful project.

Origami Shotgun consists of only two people, the Chilean Ignacio Eduardo Soto Nunez, Pixel Art, programming and creator of the history and the Mexican Omar Carrillo Esquivel, music, design levels and public relations. Both carry four months working hard to push forward Lofso Koutaro completo Course, so hard that they have even come to see the faces, are not known, working only via the internet.

Lofso Koutaro completo Course, tells the story of Koutaro hero of his hometown Proum, who embarks on an adventure in which will face multiple times rivals gem and Mekara, as well as to the pitfalls and challenges that the evil sorcerer Zokretor, have prepared who wants to dominate the world with the help of “Ru-Bits” most powerful Ruby of the universe.

Currently Lofso Koutaro completo Course is 40% of its development, but already has a trailer and a demo with the first two chapters of the game. Which you can download and test from the profile of the study through the Gamejolt site.

Then we leave you with your trailer.

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