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Orissa, the new character of Overwatch, has launch date

Blizzard has officially announced that it already has a release date specific to Orissa, the new fighter who will join the cast of Overwatch, a game that has ravaged beyond wherever he goes. In particular can start to play with it beginning March 21.

Specifically prepared for the maximum fortification and developed from the remains of the ancient robots for the defence of the city, the OR15, Orissa continues learning to fulfill the function for which it was created. However, compensates for his lack of experience with its commitment to protect the city (and its creator, Efi) of any damage.

Orissa is the sixth tank which is incorporated into the campus, and their skills include:

  • Fusion gun: A fast automatic firearm which has good range and accuracy even at a great distance.
  • Protective barrier: launches a device that creates a stationary shield that is suitable to intercept projectiles and protecting allies.
  • Enhancer: the ultimate skill of Orissa reported a benefit to the allies that are in their operating range. This increases the damage inflicted to the opposing team.

Then we leave you with two videos revealed next to your ad.

The origin of Orissa

In development

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