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Orissa will arrive next week to Overwatch

At the beginning of this month Blizzard presented to Orissa, the new character for Overwatch. Today we have to the company announced the date that heroin will be incorporated into the game.

The robot will reach Overwatch across all platforms from next Tuesday March 21, and then have a brief description of this character which at the moment is only located on the Public Test Realm:

Orissa serves as the cornerstone of his team and defending its allies at the forefront of the battle with a protective barrier. You can attack long-distance, fortify their own defenses, throwing loads of gravitons to slow down and attract enemies and made a Supercargador to increase the damage of several allies at the same time.


  • Fusion driver: automatic projectiles of Orissa gun causes constant damage but slows down their movement to the shoot.
  • Fortify: Orissa temporarily reduces damage taken and becomes unstoppable.
  • High!: Orissa releases a load graviton which detonated slows nearby enemies and draws them into the explosion.
  • Protective barrier: enemy launches a stationary barrier that protects the her and their allies from the fire.
  • Supercargador: displays a device that increases the damage done by his allies in their line of sight.

The new video which can be seen above and shows the process of creation of Orissa, where the development team talk about how were you inspired by it and other details was released along with the announcement.

Overwatch is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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