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Outlast 2. Analysis PS4

The first installment of Outlast, a degree of terror that much quietly ended up becoming one of the leaders of the genre in recent years was premiered in September 2013. Now with a lot more excitement comes Outlast 2, and we told you what felt us and if it has fulfilled the expectations set by the first part.

A new history

Despite an intriguing story that brought us the first installment, the guys from Red Barrels have preferred to set aside that narrative and begin a new adventure no connection to its predecessor. In this way we are in the skin of Blake Langermann, a camera which, along with his wife, Lynn, investigating a strange murder occurred in the Arizona desert.

When we are coming to the area of research, the helicopter in which we traveled he suffers an accident and when we wake up we found Lynn by any party. In search of the woman we have to begin to inspect the scene, from here starts what every fan of the genre expected this Outlast 2 such as the noises in the dark, shadows moving in the distance and even feel observed while we investigate the empty houses that we are on our way.

Outlast 2

One of the aspects that Yes is maintained from the first game is the use of the video camera, an object that will be essential for viewing in the moments where light is scarce, that are practically all. But this will not be as simple as activate night mode because we will also have to be vigilant to not run out of battery, which would lead us to an almost certain death. To achieve this, we will have to go collecting batteries that will recharge our camera. In addition to the batteries you have to collect bands that can make survival when we resultemos injured. Another striking novelty of Outlast 2 is the inclusion of a microphone on the camera that though it may seem useless will be essential to locate early so some of the dangers that await us.

As also in the first, Outlast 2 Let us know from the beginning that we are not warriors, therefore our only options will be the flee or hide if you do not want to die. This is one of the main drawbacks of the game and is that while the options that we have to hide are quite spacious, we can even dive into water-filled barrels to avoid being seen, the linear scenarios often give us a single option to overcome a scenario, this means that we will die repeatedly until you find the right way.

Outlast 2

Everything you have already mentioned is accompanied by an atmosphere that now we’ll talk about more closely, that manages to maintain a voltage constant player since we began the story until the end without giving us a single second of tranquility.

The face of fear

As it can not be otherwise within the horror genre, Outlast 2 has a rather poor lighting, but this does not mean that designs both its characters and their scenarios are not worked. Houses deteriorated, tombs among the shadows and huge demented beings who persecute us do not give us too many want to stop us to analyze its defects, but if we do the truth that there is little that throw in face of the study about the level of detail of your work.

All this makes our job basically the flee looking only for arriving at a place where we are safe, something which does not permit moments of relaxation or solve some small puzzles as happened in the first installment, despite this is a game quite longer than its predecessor and that, as we have already said It manages to keep us in that suffering is intense terror at all times.

Outlast 2

But with so much darkness we really achieve terrorizing is a sound appearance which, accompanied by the sentences of the beings that inhabit the scenarios, righteous purposes will get get the creeps. On occasion we have had to take headphones and let light breath before playing.

We do not want to spoil you none of the surprises, or rather scares that Outlast 2, but be clear that If what you seek is a game of terror without limits what’s new in network Barrels don’t you disappoint.

Conclusions 2 Outlast

Outlast 2 largely meets expectations generated after the premiere of the series and even exceeds them turning Red Barrels into a study to follow within the horror genre. It is true that perhaps the game would have been more complete if it contase with more scanning options or more depth in its history, but the nearly 10 hours of real fear which offers are essential for any lover of the genre.

Despite this there is to be aware of what offers and that is not a title suitable for all players because of its intensity.

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