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Outlast 2 shows its launch trailer

Red Barrels has shown the trailer for launch of Outlast 2, the sequel to the title of terror. This video shows some of the terrifying environments which we will run in the title.

Outlast 2 is the sequel to the successful title of terror and survival, which puts us in the skin of a journalist, together with his spouse, looking for stories that no one else dares to touch, but this time may have gone too far. The couple about a murder investigation will take us to the Arizona desert, a place where no light could shine on the intense darkness that reigns in all over the place.

This new release will feature a new setting and new characters but, as they have announced, will be connected in some way with the history of the first title. As in the first installment, we will have to hide and flee from different threats, but now in scenarios much more spacious and open, also solve the various puzzles that we find ourselves.

Outlast 2 will be available tomorrow, April 25, for PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Then we leave the launch trailer.

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