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Overwatch already has released its new event the year of the Rooster

In Overwatch have already started the celebrations of the Lunar New year and during the next three weeks, the players will have the opportunity to get more than 100 thematic cosmetic items, enjoy a good shooting under a few Fireworks in Tower Lijiang and join forces for capture the flag in the new mode of Brawl.

Starting today, all loot boxes will be replaced by our especialisimas boxes of loot from the Lunar New year, full of big surprises as superpunos (including new aspects, such as D.Va palanquin or Winston Wukong).

As in events earlier, them boxes of booty of the year new Lunar is can win or acquire, and contain at least one object of our collection of the year of the Gallo: icons of profile, graffiti, poses of victory, gestures, introductions of played outstanding, aspects, and much more! Although the contents of the seasonal loot boxes is random, duration of the event you can unlock different options of customization in the Gallery of heroes.

Captured Al gallo

Any event that is worthy of the name would be full without a good brawl and in the year of the Gallo have decided pay tribute to the tradition and present a classic between classic of the world of the game (although in version Overwatch): captures the flag.

In captured Al gallo, two teams will face off in Lijiang tower to snatch him unlike the flag. In this dizzying Brawl, the players will have that be creative at the time of composing the team to get a group that combine speed offensive and stability defensive.

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