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Overwatch: Guide to dominate Reaper

Overwatch Reaper

Reaper is the character role of darker attack that can be found in Overwatch. No one knows exactly where it has gone and why not dedicated to hunt down former agents of Overwatch, but all are clear that it’s a killer without scruples who want to stay away. To sow chaos and death upon him, today we bring you a comprehensive guide to dominate Reaper.

Reaper abilities

Overwatch Reaper 2

  • Infernal shotguns. Weapons holding Reaper in his hands are two powerful guns that shoot a total of 8 cartridges per magazine, with 20 pellets each cartridge. If we were right all the pellets in the enemy, we will have minimal damage of 40 points, and 140 points maximum damage. As a curious fact, increasingly Reaper recharging Strip their weapons and take out new ones from scratch with ammunition to stop. It will take 1.5 seconds to “recharge”.

  • Spectral shape. This first Reaper ability makes him literally a shadow for a maximum of 3 seconds, with a time of 8 second cooldown. When in this spectral State, he will not suffer any damage and you can pass through enemies, although you may not shoot or use skills.

  • Passage of darkness. Second Reaper ability allows you to mark a point, disappear from the current location, and reappear at the marked point. The process lasts 2 seconds to castearla once marking the destination, and the cooling time is 10 seconds.

  • Death spiral. It’s the super Reaper, and when we use it we turn ourselves to empty boots of shotguns we carry in their hands at high speed. Obviously, the damage that we cause the enemies that are around will be quite massive, with 600 points of damage. The duration of the super is 3 seconds.

Tips for mastering to Reaper

Overwatch Reaper 3

  • Use the combo pass of darkness + spiral of death. The super takes much more than normal skills in recharge, so we have to use it in a wise way to make him the most. If we use this combo, us we will put directly in the middle of the opposing team, so our super will be much more effective if we are quick. It is likely to end up dead if the enemy team reacts in time, but we’ll take enough heroes ahead.

  • Use the factor surprise before launching the super. One important thing we must bear in mind, and is that Reaper practically screams “die, die, die” when you go to releasing the super, the components of the computer enemy thus have some time to cover and avoid the tragedy. For this, we must use the element of surprise before launching the super. A good example is follow the above combo, or simply use the super jumping from a high ground.

  • Use the passage of darkness carefully. When we play with Reaper and use this ability, the enemies will see clearly where we will land, so we have to use the passage of darkness carefully to not die automatically. In addition to assure us that we will not leave in the middle of the opposing team (not super), it is essential to be prepared to shoot and take us to all the heroes we can ahead.

As conclusion, Reaper is an amazing to flank the opponent and destroy his defense. For example, we can use very effectively shadow step to put us behind Bastion, Reinhardt or Torbjörn turret. From that perspective, it will be almost impossible to fail, so that we will set somewhat to the attack of our team. Surprisingly, enemies like Pharah can finish with Reaper in no time at all, since we can not outflank it. McCree and his granada may also give us headaches.

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