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Overwatch: Guide to subdue soldier 76

Overwatch Soldado 76

Soldier: 76 has the important role of representing that unsung hero that none understand but often need, or at least that is what emerges from his (enigmatic) personal crusade in search of those who did fall to Overwatch. Leaving the epic aside, it is one of the simplest characters to handle priori, but as any other hero, we complicate it dominate it. To avoid problems, today we bring you one complete guide to mastering soldier: 76.

Soldier skills: 76

Overwatch Soldado 76 2

  • Heavy pulse rifle. A conventional rifle that we are accustomed to seeing in any other kind of game, that is not also destabilizes. The magazine hosts 25 bullets, and each successful the enemy bullet causes a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 17 points of damage if we get it right on the head. The speed of recharge when we empty the charger is just 1 second.

  • Rocket propeller. Things get interesting with the option of launching rockets to corta-larga distance, which also have a radius of impact of 2 meters. If we hit all the rockets on the enemy you will receive a total of 120 points of damage, but this ability cooling time is 8 seconds, so we have to aim a shot, never better said.

  • Biotic field. If we hurry after receiving damage can make use of the biotic field of soldier: 76, which will restore us health and the allies that are in the field. It has a radius of 5 meters and regenerates 40 points of health for 5 seconds, but skill will take 15 seconds in cool, so we have to make good use of it.

  • Sprint. It is the only hero that has the classic sprint we all know. By pressing the button or key relevant, we will be able to run faster to get to the desired point, which will allow us to more quickly reach colleagues if we fall into the battle. In addition, it has no cooling time and we can Sprint as much as you want.

  • Tactical display. Here’s the super soldier: 76, that will give us a viewer to set the enemies that are in the field of view and thus have them marked. It has a duration of 6 seconds, but it should be enough to give a good account of all the enemies that are in the viewfinder, since we have an effective assistance to the super targeted.

Tips for mastering soldier: 76

Overwatch Soldado 76 3

  • Abuse of the sprint. This kind of skill is not going to spend and we’re not going to break. Indeed, can Sprint as well as we want, so that it is a good idea get used to abuse her, either to get faster to the battle or to flee more quickly in the area of action.

  • Move away a bit before using the biotic field. It allows us to regenerate health if we hurry, but it will avail nothing use the skill if we planted in the middle of the area where we have received damage. It is incredibly useful, but we need to move away a little before use to not die.

  • Shoot short with the pulse rifle blasts. We have a very versatile rifle, but if we insist on empty charger of a sit-in we will see that, in fact, becomes a little unstable. It is much better to shoot short bursts to try to empty the magazine into an enemy to prevent this instability.

  • Use the propeller without stopping rockets. The cooling time is only 8 seconds and they are able to eliminate most WIMP heroes at a stroke. Whether it’s against soft enemies or enemies of good health, we must get used to use them non-stop when we attack.

  • First use the tactical display against enemies of poor health. If we want to get the most out of the super soldier: 76 that we can do it is best to use it first against the more cuddly heroes to stop them quickly. Then we can spend the seconds remaining in the more powerful enemies, but how many more heroes remove Board better will be for the whole team.

Finally, we must keep in mind that soldier: 76 is particularly effective against enemies such as Mercy and Torbjörn. Mercy is always an objective simple by their low mobility, especially if it is single. In the case of Torbjörn, if we are successful in the turret with the rockets we will have half of the job done. In any case, soldier: 76 fatal going against Genji for its ability to repel attacks, Mei for his ability to freeze it (literally) and Tracer for high mobility. And only remains to choose you and play with it until you have it mastered.

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