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Overwatch players create custom games of ‘Sex’

The latest implementation of the Overwatch patch modified some heroes and also added a browser game, in which you could create custom games. Now it has been discovered that many users create games customized to sexual encounters.

According to supposed plot works in such a way that, using expressions and movements characteristic of each character conversations are conducted and you enter the cloth representing scenes that deserve the qualification of two rhombuses.

Overwatch custom server adults only NSFW

As we can see in the picture, we see names of items that are uploaded tone, games comor MERCY ABUSE RP 18 +, HIGHSCHOOL ROLEPLAY + 18 HOT , and a long etcetera.

There are a great number of items created by users of all kinds from expressions with the characters to games in which the “game” takes place via the microphone, something which is no longer available to Blizzard.

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