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Overwatch releases summer games

They are already available within Overwatch summer games, a way to pay tribute to the Olympic games that start is night in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

With this event we can meet to get over one hundred new cosmetic items that will be available until 22 August, all what you get will be part of our inventory forever, but those objects that we have not succeeded in the date limit will disappear and there will be no way to get it.

But this is not the only change since with the summer games becomes Overwatch Luciobol, a sport similar to soccer where you will face three against three, and the stadium will be packed with jump platforms and walls that amplify the speed of the characters, with all this the team that scores more goals wins.

Here is the video presentation of the summer games so you know what you can find already in Overwatch:

The summer games are now available on all platforms, i.e., Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC and will last until August 22, so don’t miss the time and head on over to get all of the new items.

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