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Phantom Brave for PC now available on Steam!

Phantom Brave, Japanese RPG, is now available on Steam! He game, that is launches finally for PC, has with a 15% of discount of offer of launch in the Digital Chroma Edition (which includes the artbook digital with them characters and those scenarios profiled), leaving in 21,23€. You also have the option to pick up the conventional Edition at a discount of 10%, with a final price €17.99. Both offers expire August 1 on Steam.

Phantom Brave is a SRPG Japanese use. Left in the 2004 in Japan and now finally has been remastered for Steam, while already had with version for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and Wii.

phantom brave

The argument of the Phantom brave is really simple:

Ash, a ghost lives in a small island of Ivoire (or Phantom) who lost his life in a battle. At his side is Marona, a young able to speak with the spirits that occupies her days to receive messages in bottles. As an orphan, Marona is has autoestipulado the goal in life of all the missions that get you in the message bottles, becoming itself a Chroma, or an adventurous freelance.

However, due to their skills to talk with them spirits, them locals it treated with fear and contempt, and even some is deny to pay you by them missions fulfilled. But she will not give up ever, because their only motivation in life is to help the rest, even if they insult her and call “The possessed”.

Among the advantages of the game, users praise the ability in Phantom Brave can move freely around the map and not be subject to a grid or a stipulated route as it is the case with most of the SRPG. Also include an incredible soundtrack of the game that make the delights of them fans of the genre.

phantom brave

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