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Pokémon Go: he understands the importance of the various attacks

Ataques Pokémon Go

Already is gonna meet almost a month since Pokemon GO kick off and there are many mechanics that we have taught you to master in Xombit Games. From what are the best pokemon in the game, what are the different pokemon that can leave you in an egg, passing through what are the best pokemon to defend a gym. Today we will talk about something that we had not even touched on this blog: pokemon attacks.

As you all know, the Pokémon GO combat system was a bit disappointing, as it is to press the screen as soon as possible. What many people don’t know, is that, even if Pokémon still life typical attacks. Tackle, flamethrower, gun water… All Pokémon have two different, obviously from its attacks.

The speed and effectiveness varies depending on the attack

So we understand, them factors that is applied to the system of combat of them Pokemon classic also is applied in Pokemon GO. Putting it on the paper with an example, if we use an attack type water against a pokemon type water, that attack not will be effective and will remove much less life of which can. Therefore, also applies that the attacks are more or less fast, more or less powerful, more or less effective.

Once we know this, you have to take into account two things now. The first is that we must pay close attention in which attacks has a pokemon when you catch it. Perhaps if you have two Lapras one is better than another because it has attacks more powerful or fast, regardless of the PC you can achieve. The second thing is that when trying to capture a gym we must think very well that team have been taking into account the Pokémon that defends it. It is not the same attack with a Lapras gym defended by a Charmander that do with a Scyther.

So, you know, from now on you will have to take into account another factor more when choosing your Pokémon team.

And you you think? Check out Pokémon Go: understands the importance of the various attacks to leave your footprint.

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