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Pokémon GO: how to get a perfect pokemon

Pokémon perfecto

Pokémon GO continues beating records after completing three weeks of its release, and is not for less, since we could calmly make what the title Pokemon that has more recently. Little by little their secrets are knowing, and various tools, applications and websites are being published to help the players to have the best team in pokemon.

Today I will show you How to tell if you have a perfect Pokémon, although before you enter in the field I’m going to explain what I’m talking about. Since the first delivery of the franchise, always has existed the term “pokemon perfect”, and this is one that has to the maximum all their stats possible and simply is perfect. In other words, that if you have two hundred charmander, none will be like the others, having one that is the perfect and most damage, life, defense… In Pokémon GO this has not disappeared, and we already know how to calculate it.

All this will know thanks to a page, in which we introduce our pokemon and this data will tell us the percentage of perfection of the same. It’s just having a lot of patience and go capturing many Pokémon equal to be the closest to perfection, still the most powerful possible.

For access to the tool that we calculated all this, must click in the paragraph IV Rater. Once there will have to choose the pokemon that you want to check and fill in the data that we asked (the current cp of pokemon, the HP and as completed is the arc of progress). When it have all ready only will have to give you to calculate and the page we will tell what both percent of perfect is our pokemon.

So you know, now that you know this, not elimineis all the repeated pokemon go capturing, or at least not without first checking so good they may be in the future.

SLIPHROAD | Calculator Pokemon

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