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Pokémon GO: how to get many candies

Pokémon GO Pikachu

We know that in Pokémon GO trainer level is very important, since we will find increasingly rare pokemon and they will be increasingly powerful. Even so, the pokemon that appear are random, so we depend on to get many candies to evolve the Pokemon of our choice, since each has its specific candies. By this, I teach today how to get fast in Pokemon candies.

How to get quick candies in Pokémon GO

We regret to communicate that the best way to get candy in Pokemon is grindeando. I.e., hunting pokemon without stopping of the same type to get candy. However, to streamline this process for many a specific pokemon candies we can settle in the area that tends to appear this particular pokemon and put a bait in the pokeparada that I was us close. Obviously we need to transfer the ‘extra’ Pokémon for candies.

If instead we are not looking for a pokemon concrete, it is worth us any urban area busy (to be possible where it sole have active baits) to capture pokemon without stopping and then transferring them, generally of normal or Pidgeys and Rattatas type. We have the trick of using Pidgeys to level, so although we spend some precious obtained candies, we will achieve much experience to end up much in level.

On the other hand, with every egg that we incubated receive a few candies when hatch. In particular, we will receive around 10 candies with eggs of 2 km, around 20 caramels with the eggs of 5 kilometers, and around 30 candies with the eggs of 10 kilometers. The amounts tend to be those, but it may vary for more or less randomly, thus fits the possibility of receiving less candy.

The downside of getting candy through the eggs is that the pokemon coming from each incubated egg is random also, next to the amount. Obviously we cannot know which pokemon will be and whether you are looking for, so it is good to have several eggs incubating but focusing more in grindear pokemon to get those precious candies that evolve to our “bugs” and level up. The two things go hand in hand.

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