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Pokémon GO: it is possible to get the Red Gyarados

Gyarados rojo Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO continues to offer content for all players, whether in iOS or Android devices. On this occasion comes with the event day of water, with reason, logically, the international day of the water. In this event we have the possibility of capturing a Pokemon’s type water much more regularly, so it will be easier to get certain specific creatures.

In addition, as they are running in Eurogamer, Pokémon shiny – or Winona – also have come to Pokémon GO, so is possible to capture the Magikarp shiny gold and its evolution, the Red Gyarados.

First aparación of the Red Gyarados

There were many rumors about the existence of this unique creature, even if they were taken with a pinch of salt by the absence of tests that certify their guest appearance on the title of Niantic Labs, as well as the lack of official confirmation from the company. However, some users have already managed to catch the Red Gyarados.

That is, to taking advantage of the water day event we can capture the Gyarados red more easily, although it is not clear if we will do with it once completed the event on March 29. In any case, with the event it will also be easier to capture other aquatic type, such as Lapras Pokemon.

And to put the icing to the active event in Pokémon GO, we can go through the store to receive for free a hat flips that adorn the head of our avatar. It will only be available until the event concludes, so don’t forget to stop by the store to collect the exclusive gift of Niantic Labs.

While Pokémon GO fever has fallen enough after the initial madness post-launch, the title of Niantic Labs is still very active and with enough users. Without going any further, in this 2017 augmented reality title will receive Mew, Mewtwo and the legendary birds as well as new features. Pokémon GO is for a long while.

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