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Pokémon GO: list of maximum PC that can reach every pokemon

Pokémon Snorlax

Surely that it has passed you some which again that go to a pokemon gym to investigate personnel and have you ever seen a pokemon champion with a brutality of combat points – PC in Spanish and CP in English – while your are cuddly. Although there are people who play many more hours, everything boils down to climb the PC of our pokemon by candy, but there is a maximum (thank goodness).

One of the many news this week has been the list of maximum PC that can reach every Pokémon, you have available in the link above, and with which we can get an idea of the power that can reach everyone. Obviously it is an advantage to have the list to know what pokemon are interested in “level”, so it is a must read.

The most powerful pokemon that will be in Pokemon will be Mewtwo with a whopping 4144 points of maximum combat. You still closely Mew, Moltres, Dragonite, Snorlax and Zapdos, with over 3000 points of combat maximum, although I remember that them pokemon legendary still not are available and will have that wait to them events special of Niantic Labs to get them.

The maximum points bout the rest of Pokémon range from 1500 to 3000 in some cases, although these figures will find them in maximum evolution pokemon. In the case of the pokemon pokemon without evolve (or base) the maximum points logically fall to less than 1000 digits, but the goal will always be to evolve them to make them stronger, so they are not worrying figures.

Next to all these data, remember that have available a calculator to know the PC that will have those pokemon to the evolve. As already know, them points of combat increase as is the candy to our pokemon, so not is is of a figure immovable and can climb quickly if have many objects available to give them more power to our bugs.

This list can already launch us to upload our pokemon butt PCs, although don’t forget to pass by our guides to get Pikachu as initial pokemon, choosing equipment, save battery, get Mewtwo, choose the evolution of Eevee, find a particular map pokemon, catch pokemon without fail and capture pokemon without moving, get many pokemonedas and find all the pokeparadas. Gotta catch ‘ em all!

And you that you think? Check out Pokémon GO: list of maximum PC that can reach every pokemon to leave your footprint.

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