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Pokemon GO prepares a global event for Halloween

Halloween is approaching and as usual due to the popularity of this festival in the United States many titles they prepare events on the occasion of this celebration. One of the games that we have prepared surprise is Pokemon GO announced that there will be available to a global event.

As not could be of another way from tomorrow day 26 of October and until the 1 of November will increase the possibilities of all the coaches of find is pokemon as Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter e Hypno. In addition, as is tradition in these dates them boys of Niantic also will give more candy during the duration of the event. Here’s the trailer for presentation of this Halloween event:

“We would like to play to trick or try of a way very special, giving to them coaches the opportunity of catch more Pokemon and get more candy during this Halloween”.

During the 6 days that lasts this event in Pokemon GO each caught Pokémon will give us 6 candies, i.e. double than usual. In the same way the Professor also us will give two candies by each pokemon that you transfer. So load the batteries of your mobile to not squander this opportunity to make the most of a Pokemon GO.

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