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Pokémon GO: what is the best pokemon of all available

Pokémon GO Vaporeon

Pokemon GO has with less than a month of life, but already there are at least one person in this world that has got all those pokemon available of them 151 that there is in the game base. You know that some are unique to regions and that the legendary come with special events, so the question is what is the best pokemon in these moments.

The best pokemon from Pokemon GO seems to be Dragonite by their maximum PC, since Mewtwo is not available in the game, but the truth is that it has finished being Vaporeon for various reasons other than maximum while in the general ranking is in the thirteenth since if you look at all the pokemon PC and stats . Let’s see why.

Good thing, ugly and bad Vaporeon

Pokémon GO Vaporeon 2

  • The good: Vaporeon is one of the evolutions of Eevee, but as is the case with other pokemon already evolved, we can find it out there loose. Undoubtedly, what makes the best pokemon Pokémon GO to Vaporeon is Eevee is very common and we can capture dozens of them very easily, which will bring us many candies that upload Eevee to Vaporeon PCs directly. Easier, impossible.

  • The ugly: aesthetically Vaporeon is a pretty nice pokemon, so the shots are not going out there. Vaporeon ugliness is that it has turned Pokémon GO in a game with little variety when it comes to defend gyms. Of course we see champions Snorlax or Dragonite but Vaporeon continues to be the main star to defend them. Things will change with the arrival of new Pokémon and legendary, but for now, the status of best pokemon is Vaporeon.

  • The bad: nothing. Vaporeon has nothing bad and that is currently the best pokemon. For the players full Vaporeon defending gyms has nothing bad, even for players who attack gyms what is difficult is to find a good counter that does not require days of farmeo to increase its power to very decent numbers. Variety is the spice, although a Pokémon GO seems to fail you this point when it comes to Vaporeon. Niantic should do something about it.

In short, Vaporeon has much life, hit fairly quickly and is very easy to get if we compare it with other pokemon Dragonite, and Snorlax Lapras, that are also difficult to capture. In addition, currently Vaporeon far surpasses the other two evolutions of Eevee – Jolteon and Flareon – available at Pokémon GO, so we conclude that it is the best pokemon for the moment.

Max thanks for the tips🙂

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