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Pokemon Sun and Moon: how to get an initial pokemon shiny


Pokemon Sol y Luna, which come loaded with many new features and many creatures to capture along throughout the adventure have already officially available. There is nothing better than getting an initial pokemon shiny to start on the right foot, but as it is not a simple task, you teach today to get our initial in his variant shiny pokemon.

The method to use for get one of them three pokemon initial in his variant shiny-in Spanish, Winona-is restart the game again and again until see in the screen to the same. Before moving on to describe how to do, you must keep in mind that it might be a lengthy process, depending on the luck that we have.

Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio how to get shiny

We will start the game normally until we get to the part of the bridge in which Tapu Koko save us from falling into the river and gives us bright stone. Immediately after the scene, Lylia will be waiting to accompany us to the village and thus choose to our pokemon initial. No move site, we will keep the game to begin the process.

A time saved the split, US approach to Lylia to start the scene in which went down to the village and the Kahuna us gives to choose one of them three pokemon initial. We have to choose which you want, and wait until the option to give a nickname to find out if it has touched us pokemon shiny version. In case not, restart the game and repeat the process.

To restart the game and return to the saved point on the bridge after the scene you have to press the buttons L and R at the same time, and press Start or Select button. This will cause the game to restart, but without going through the initial scene, with what will take us directly to the option of loading the game.

In addition, to speed up the restart process until we see on the screen when the initial Pokémon in its variant shiny can put in the configuration text pass fast. In this way we will only have to press button A to move the dialogue until the selection of pokemon and check if we have been lucky.

Here’s a video example of how to do it:

Remember that scene all initial Pokémon have the same sprite, so only know if he played us a shiny pokemon when play us the option of putting a nickname. If we reach that option and don’t see the Pokémon with the different color than the original, it will be time to restart and repeat the process.

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