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Poochy & Yoshi s Woolly World shows a new animated short

Nintendo has shown a new video of Poochy & Yoshi’ss Woolly World, the title of platforms featuring a version of Yoshi wool. This video shows one of the short cartoon starring Yoshi and Poochy, created in collaboration with the Japanese studys of “stop motion” animation Dwarf.

Poochy & Yoshis Woolly World is the version for Nintendo 3DS from the title of platforms for Wii U will come in the future to Nintendo 3DS. In additions of all levels from the original game, this new version offers new features. The most important will be the new levels by Poochy, the faithful friend of Yoshi: in which we will have to cause Poochy jump at the time just to gather all accounts and Poochitos on the way to the goal. Them Poochitos are ones sympathetic helpers that is will be to jump in places suspected to indicate to them players the presence of secret and objects collectibles.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World will come in exclusive to Nintendo 3DS the next 3 of February. Here I leave the video.

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