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Prey reveals in a new video combinations of weapons and powers

Bethesda and Arkane unveiled a new video about Prey, the title will be available Friday, may 5, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and which represents a new starting point for the franchise. In this title, where we will have to deal with an alien species called Typhoon, will have at our disposal both weapons and powers that will enable us to defeat them, if we know how to combine them.

24 improved human and 20 unique among which to choose (in addition to all its improvements), alien powers no two identical Morgans, or two players with the same experiences in Prey. Next human capabilities as a Hacker, force, repair and gunsmith, that enhance the innate strengths of Morgan, you will have access to three trees different capabilities based on the Typhoon. Of course, there is some risk to grant us these amazing alien capabilities. To install us alien powers, the turrets of the station will begin to see us as a hostile entity and we risk ourselves increasingly to be attacked and hunted down by the huge nightmare Typhoon. But with capabilities such as these, capable of transforming the mind (sometimes literally), we have to say it certainly is worth the risk. Start thinking about who will be your Morgan and how you think fighting the invasion and save the world.

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