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Quake Champions, a video introduces us to Clutch

Bethesda continues with new videos promoting their upcoming releases and is now the turn of Quake Champions, whose new trailer we will present one of his contenders: Clutch.

Clutch spent most of its existence under the ground like a robot without consciousness, almost indestructible, crushed rocks and protecting their human masters of landslides. After finding by chance some unexplored ruins showing some strange marks, obtained the ability to escape and punishing their masters. Now, it is an incredible machine kill reanimated.

Clutch rumbles by Sands and shared pain among the enemies. With their active ability, barrier, protects himself and his allies in team play modes. His skill passive static defence serves to gain an advantage against other champions.

Clutch was built so that it could withstand the toughest mining conditions and for crushing rocks. The revived automaton is, of course, able to deflect rockets and crush dreams of becoming a champion.

Champion profile: Clutch revived automaton

  • Initial statistics
    • Initial health: 150
    • Starting Armor: 50
    • Rate: 320-360-400

Active skill – barrier

Whether you are in games by teams and want to protect your allies, as if you need to save yourself quickly in a game to death, launches barrier, the active ability of Clutch, to block attacks for a limited period. There was a time in which used its large shield of force to protect the organic beings and holes in mining, but in the sand, works as a solid defense against enemy champions.

Passive skill – static defence

Do you approaching front any aggressive, jumping like a rabbit and generous with the rockets? Thanks to the passive ability of Clutch, static defence, you resist and you will get a reduction of 20% to damage the attacks while you walk or remain stationary. In addition, if you run forward without changing direction, your speed will increase. It is very practical in the mines and devastating on the sands.

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