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Quake Champions introduces Scalebearer, its new champion

ID Software and Bethesda unveiled the addition of Scalebearer as new Quake Champions, the multiplayer action title champion. To celebrate the announcement, they have shown a new trailer showing this new character, showing their different skills in sequences taken directly from the game.

As warlord of Greiss, Scalebearer Marauders looted countless worlds technology to build up their armies. However, the defeat before a solitary race capable of entering phase led him into exile. Obsessed with revenge, discovered the source of his power: an ancient shrine containing a sphere with boiling liquid. When finally murdered his guards and entered, the field consumed him, and faded. He woke up in the land of dreams, a strange and brutal Kingdom transformed by the arcane energy. Now seek way of returning to the world of the vigil to regain command and use their newly achieved power.

Champion Scalebearer has the following skills:

  • Active ability: onslaught

Onslaught, the active ability of the Galactic war Lord, will allow you to load front against the enemy in Quake Champions, to hit with full force to his rivals.

  • Passive ability: heavyweight

The passive ability of Scalebearer, heavyweight, will allow you to use your extra weight to crush enemies.

Quake Champions is a multiplayer first-person action title that we will get into the skin of different champions, which will have unique skills. The title will have a beta that we can already point us via this link.

Then we leave the trailer for presentation of Scalebearer.

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