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Quake Champions, new video gameplay without interruptions

So far, we have seen several videos of Quake Champions that we presented, mainly, the characters that we will have our choice and abilities, as well as possible strategies to play with them. Bethesda has wanted to give us with a gameplay that we can see, uncut, How would be exciting a game the game.

In particular we are going to see ZeRo 4 playing as Anarki, one of the characters that we have at our disposal. We will not only see him shoot and wipe out every living creature but it will also die, not everything can be perfect in a game of Quake Champions…

If still you have not registered you in the still closed beta you’re in time but it is not you too, because el event kicks off on April 6 (we will be adding more and more players with the time so if you have no invitation from the beginning you do not rindáis). You can register from here. Without further we leave you with the video gameplay of ZeRo 4 as Anarki.

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